Thursday, January 12, 2006

PCSD Examination of Conscience

The following is an examination of conscience for those struck with PSCD (Politically Correct Stress Disorder):

Was the chicken I ate a free range chicken or was it one raised in captivity?
Was the coffee I drank non fair-trade coffee?
Did I adequately reflect that I was living in a nation stolen from the Indians and built on the backs of slaves today?
How large did the ozone hole get when I cranked up my air-conditioning?
How many nonrenewable resources have I recently gone through?
Have I committed a mortal sin by driving a car with an internal combustion engine?
Did I think that Western Civilization was actually a good thing?
Did I condemn or think that same sex marriages were not beneficial?
Did I not repeat the mantra of choice, choice, choice over and over again?
Did I have the audacity to use a Styrofoam cup?
Did I place babies in the womb above whales and dolphins?
Did I not trust in Government to solve all of my problems?
Was I uncharitable by not not wishing that the rich were taxed more?
Did I not curse vouchers for sucking the lifes-breath out of our awesome public schools system?
Did I think that males and females are fundamentally different and not interchangeable?
Did I not say amen after a Hollywood celebrity pontificated?
Did I think that George W. Bush was actually legally elected President?
Have I not felt guilty for what a distant relative might have done today?
Do I miss the fair and balanced reporting of Bryant Gumbel?
Did I not think that Rush Limbaugh and talk radio is the scourge of humanity?
Did I rely on reason and not emotion to come to an opinion?

(from F. R.)


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